Shadow in the Pages is a blog written in a diary like format. I, Shadow will “break the fourth wall” at the end of each entry, though general comments are welcome about the post’s entirety.

Please note:

  • Be kind

That’s really all I can think of as far as that. Just remember people are on the other end of the screen.

I love getting YA book recommendations. I will eventually be expanding on book generes and themes I like. (Eventually I will get a list sorted out and will post it here.)

General Things About Shadow

  • I like animals
  • Books are portable worlds
  • I have a Kindle. (I joined the Dark Side)
  • Anime/Manga/Dramas!!!
  • History<3 ❤
  • Mythology ❤
  • Christian Romances (Al and Joanna Lacey I’m looking at you!)