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Boys of Summer

Entry Nine
Theme Song: Boys of Summer – Don Henley
Mood: Overwhelmed, Excited, Hodgepodge of stuff!
Weather: Hot (As usual)
Current Read: The World According to Narnia


Dear Pages,


With summer coming to a close, school is staring up once again. And real soon actually. Three out of four minions will be in school starting between the 10th and the 15th. Which is nice, since that leaves me with the days to sort things out for selling, tossing, or packing. The current task is selling off all of M#4’s clothes and things. Shouldn’t be too hard to get rid of I hope. So far so good on the house front. I’ll probably start packing toys and whatnot in the coming week or two. I have a lot on my plate but I’ll be updating here a bit more often. Always a bonus!

Recently I have gotten into this whole world of bullet journaling. I know see why my mother has a collection of stamps. I love the stamps I have planned out for this! I’m trying to decide if I should have a master copy, and two copies to give to the kiddos each. It’ll be a lot of writing and stamping but I may end up making everything unique for each Minion. I’m not sure. I think it would be cute to customize it for them as well. It will be a fun project I think. Might make an official set for myself as well.

I get way too involved with the idea of crafting. I’ll have to remember to relax. And embrace the mess.

On the topic of my current read, I haven’t actually started reading it. It’s just ready for pickup at the library. I really like this book as companion to the Narnia series, and plan to get it for my personal library. As well as other of Lewis’ works. (of Course!)

However sitting around here and typing isn’t actually getting the work done. So, I’ll have to just get up and get on with it!


off to Never Never Land!-



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