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Every Heart: Minna no Kimochi

Entry Six
Theme Song: Every Heart: Minna no Kimochi by BoA
Weather: The Sunshine state usual. Thunderstorms. o(≧∇≦o)
Mood: Happy, but my foot tingles…
Current Read: Elixir – Hilary Duff (Yes. That Hilary Duff. Totally reading it using her voice too. Makes it more awesome.)
Side Note: Been making Marvel a project. Working my way through all the movies in timeline order. It’s been super fun. Made it to Winter Soldier and was urged to jump to Captain America Civil War. So far so funny. o(≧∇≦o)

Dear Pages,

I’m so sorry I’ve been in “hiding”. A lot of things have happened lately and I’m super glad I made some personal choices about my emotions. I’ll explain everything I promise.

First, that house that I referenced a few posts back? Might not be happening. While it is possible to get the house, a down payment out of pocket would be needed, which unfortunately we don’t have the money for. I also refuse to ask my dad. A down payment is way too much to ask from a parent. It’s another matter if they offer, but even then I don’t know if I’d take the money. So with that in mind I’m super glad I never have ventured out again to see the house. Only doing so would be making my hopes rise. Now they are smashed. Hah. Not really in all honesty. I knew it was a 50/50 shot. Just means we are stuck in this shoe box a little longer. But I suppose it’s still a 50/50, but still. So not holding my breath.

On a sad note, my smarter half is away, due to work emergency of a coworker. Which means I have 2 weeks to be an absolute slob, watch Supernatural, movies and read books till my eyes bleed with my offsprings. So far they are enjoying it. (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

Supernatural marathon tomorrow. Yeah! And cookies. I’ll exercise tomorrow I swear!

Speaking of that! I started exercising! I did some *super* light cardio today only, nothing with my muscles. Those are still sore from me pushing the limits yesterday. Owie.  Should be much better tomorrow. Hopefully in a few months I can be less embarrassed about where I carry my weight.

Hammered out watching Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America: Winter Soldier. Currently finishing up Captain America: Civil War.  And Oh Em Gee. It’s getting so good!

Best news though, I BOUGHT A NEW BOOK! (Yesterday. But still!)

Yaaay. I’ll have to take some photos for showing tomorrow but the featured image.

That book yo. (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

I haven’t even read Lady Midnight yet, but I am a purist and need to get all of Infernal Devices and Mortal Instruments and the others. In the versions I want. Because everything has to match in hardback. It’s not aesthetically pleasing. That just bugs me so much visually it’s almost irrational.

Not going to lie I fanned the pages in my face and breathed deep. Yep. ₍₍ ( ๑॔˃̶◡ ˂̶๑॓)◞♡ I heart the books. Plus these are inspiration for things I make. Which, will be revealed at a later date when I can fund my projects. Yip yip!

It is tomorrow already at this time. So I shall bid you bis spater! And more tomorrow! Probably a lot of Supernatural talk, and gushing about season five and six. And some photos on Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows. Ugh I really need to finish that set so bad it’s stupid. I hope the other books are all the same height. I’ll cry if not. *Sighs* Anywhoo!

I wonder if other book fans are like that? I just have to have mine just so.

Bis spater!



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