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Save Tonight

Entry Five
Theme Song: Save Tonight – Eagle Eye Cherry
Weather: Rainy (Praise Jesus! We need it! Save money! No need to run the sprinklers! Woo hoo!)
Current Read; *Hangs head in shame*
Side note: Strap in and hang on ya’ll I’m going to tell you about a secret hobby of mine.


Dear Pages,


I have a slight secret to share. And I have to share it somewhere. So here I shall share.

I enjoy reading webtoons.  

Okay. So it’s not a terrible awful secret. Mangas, Animes, Korean Dramas, and webtoons are my guilty pleasure. When I’m not doing research for other projects.

I had this sudden desire to write about them. So here we are!

First I must explain I read all my webtoons on Line’s  Webtoon app. (Naver is the parent company I believe?) But anyhow people willingly spend their time to come up with amazing stories and art to go with. Love it! Ahem.

First up, the very first webtoon I’ve ever read is unTOUCHable, by massstar. (Obviously not their real name. lulz)

It’s an amazing story about a vampire female and a man with OCD. Vampires in this version of our reality as we know it, feed by siphoning off energy from humans by skin to skin contact. Hand holding, hugs, etc. I absolutely loved not only the story itself, the drama and everything else, but reading the comments of the die hard fans as well. I love the hardcore shippers. Their comments are HILARIOUS and very much on point with the general crowd feelings at the end of each episode. Marvelous! I power read unTOUCHable in a day. Okay I’m not being honest. It was three days.  But it’s an amazing read, and I do agree with one commenter saying that there should be a spin off for the character that’s like the female lead. (If you wanna know why go read it!) Yes. Make a spin off. Muwahhahaha! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

After that, we have Super Secret by eon. This one is about two college students who grew up as friends. Except the guy is a werewolf. Or maybe a shifter? Since he’s not a werewolf in the classic sense like Teen Wolf (NOT THE NEW MTV THING. THE OLD ONE. WITH MICHAEL J. FOX. YES. I’M DATING MYSELF. SO BE IT. *breathes heavy*) Or American Werewolf in London. He just turns into a really. Big.Fluffy.Wolf. That deserves lots of cuddles. HE’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE! This is a webtoon that’s not finished yet but still updates weekly. (This may change as these lovely story tellers do this for free and somethings they have to go on breaks to deal with that unfortunate thing called life.) 

Following Super Secret, I have been reading Kind of Confidential by Vivian Darlin.  I can’t express how friggin jealous I am of the sheer skills of these people. Seriously. I can’t draw a straight line sober. Anyway, Kind of Confidential is about a world where super heroes and villains actually exist. And Batcat. (He literally has a batman style dark marking. It’s adorable.) The best part is the villain is a girl! She’s basically not a villain exactly, she’s just done some stuff and then quit the life and has lived normal ever since.  Sort of like Belinda the good witch on Sophia the first. Hails from a long line of evil witches. Blah blah blah. But she meet’s a super hero boy and all KINDS crazyness ensues. It’s still in production. Again. GO READ IT!!!(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

My current webtoon ( Where Tangents Meet) I am reading is one that is completed, but the creator (instantmiso) has started another toon as well(Siren’s Lament. It has mermaids in it. It’s so good even though I’ve only read a few episodes. If you like mermaids it’s your bag. For real yo.) . (I started that first then went back to the first one they did. Two totally different stories, same author is all. What can I say. I like power reading.) Where Tangents Meet, is amazing. The rundown is there is a boy that grew up in the spotlight due to his very famous model mother (who runs a modeling company at the current timeline of the story.) and due to this, he’s pretty cynical about people in general. This is basically the story of how his life got flipped, turned upside down by a girl. (Did you see what I did there? Hmm? If you did you were totally a 90’s kid. Amirite?) It’s full of feels. And I love how some of the people have also read unTOUCHable and keep making Jihoo references. (Main character of unTOUCHable) It cracks me up. I actually secretly love way too much how frothy everyone gets over the classic story female jerk. I’m saying jerk nicely because really these chicks (Sometimes it’s a male character I know. But for this one it’s a female. She Satan) always make Satan look like a Girl Scout  щ(ಠ益ಠщ) (Whyyyy????).  I enjoy this one a lot. And am very glad it’s finished so I don’t have to get angsty. Yes. I made that word up. I don’t care.

Other webtoons I’m reading:

Late Bloomer (zealforart) Very good! Still in progress!

My Giant Nerd Boyfriend (fishball) – I identify with this so much as the man in my life is considerably taller than myself. He always asks me why I don’t grow. Because. I stopped growing at 15. Mystery solved.

Fluffy Boyfriend (Mihi) <- This one is on hiatus, going through some stuff and will be back asap at the time this has been posted. (5.24.17)

Bite Me (AffectedMind)

There are all kinds of stories on there to be had. Drama, Romance < my favorites >, Slice of Life, Comedy,Fantasy, Sci Fi, Thriller, Super Hero. So if you’re into that sort of thing check it out! Plus they have previously published stuff that’s completed for repeat reading too. (Thank God.) ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧

Whew! I just spent 20 min trying to link to all over the internet.

Admittedly, reading webtoons is keeping me from RoseBlood, and all my library books. Which I need to get cracking on. So I end this here. I hope if any of you are partially interested you can check out these webtoons without downloading the app.

Line Webtoon <Clicky. You know you want to.

Bis Spater! (I haven’t figured out how to do an umlaut on my keyboard. When I do I’ll spell it out properly!)



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