Hot Blooded…Sorta.

Entry Five
Theme Song: Hot Blooded – Foreigner 
Weather: Gross
Mood: Content. (And hungry)
Current Read: (个_个) RoseBlood (个_个)
Side note: I want ice coffee again. Which means I need a ice machine that makes the little cylinder cubes. 


Dear Pages,


I have recently remembered an idea. This idea would help me gain money for my projects that I wish to start. (And complete a few projects I have started) I feel like a real dummy about NOT remembering this. Plasma donation! As I am a small person I can’t hope to get a lot of money every time, but something is better than nothing? There’s a place not too far away from my home so that’s a good thing too.

I just haven’t met many people who have donated plasma, and internet searches are spotty. Though, my best guess is that it REALLY depends on where you are, what facilities are around, and those that are employed there? Also to include the person donating.

Doing searches on the internet has led me to the conclusion that that I’ll have to up my protein and carb intake before and day of donating though. So that should be super fun. However I still haven’t gotten around to doing photos for the Facebook marketplace thingie. Hopefully I can find a buyer for the asking price I want for these things.

Every little bit helps! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Isn’t that just a cute little happy emote? Cute too.

On an unrelated thought, my feet are KILLING me today. Wearing wedge heels two days in a row when I RARELY wear them, is like feet suicide. Should ease into it if I start wearing these things on the regular. Dang my feet hurt.  (*´∀`).。o○ Probably soak them tonight in some nice hot water for a relaxing half hour. (*´∀`).。o○ Yeah.

But first, TO THE STORE FOR CHEAP FOOD! *Points to the store*

I might write more later. I’ll most likely be reading and having reactions so I’ll share those. I’ll have to find a way to chronicle this without giving spoilers. Which may lead me to looking like a complete crazy person. Oh well!

Bis Spater!

-Shadow  (´∀`)


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